A holiday to Thailand is an unforgettable experience, Songkran is Thai New Year, celebrated in Thailand, as well as other places like Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos, on April 13-15. Perhaps the most famous way to celebrate is a massive water fight on the streets. Locals and travelers alike take the streets with water pistols and buckets in hand, and splash each other with water. Others plaster passers-by on the face with a chalky paste.This year, the Songkran celebrations in Bangkok set a world record for the largest water fight. The celebrations continued on in Bangkok in areas such as Silom (which was mostly filled with locals) and Khao San (which, predictably, was mostly filled with farang).

Songkran celebrations on Silom

I was fortunate enough to have my days off from work during this period, so I joined in the celebrations. It was madness. I was soaked (and, well, drunk) both nights, and enjoyed splashing water as well as getting splashed. I even met a few other travel bloggers, such as Adam from Travels of Adam, and Poi and Kirsty from No Place to Be.

Songkran fun with Poi and Kirsty (No Place to Be) and Adam (Travels of Adam)

Check out some photos taken during Songkran 2011 in Bangkok after the jump. You can find the full set on Flickr.

a Songkran arms dealer and his cache of water pistols


a cab victimized by Songkran festivities


pick a drink: water, Chang, Leo, Heineken


two locals covered in water and chalk


Songkran festivities on Khao San Road

Adam (Travels of Adam) enjoying the water pistol

beware the little ones, they’re the most dangerous of all