Vigan Day 02

On the second day of our trip, we decided to hit the beach. But first, after looking at the map, we decided to take a detour to Flores Pots and Hidden Garden, and Damili Village.

We trekked to the bus and jeepney station from Grandpa’s Inn after breakfast, thinking that there might be one that could take us to the beach. Once there, we found that the buses were mostly headed to Laoag or Abra, and the jeeps were headed to towns outside of Vigan. We went to one of the shops nearby to ask how we could get to the beach. We were then told to walk to Ergo Supermarket and hire a tricycle, as it would be cheaper to get trikes there (apparently, it’s where the trikes from that part of Vigan are stationed or something).

So we went there, as instructed, and got a trike. But before going to the beach, we went to Flores Pots and Hidden Garden. It’s a little tucked away place outside the city proper which sells, well, pots and assorted plants for gardens. They even offered landscaping services.

Vigan Day 02 - Flores Pots and Hidden Gardens

It was a nice place, and after a full tour of the grounds, you end up at a dining area, which offered, among others, fruit shakes (perfect for the hot weather), shots of basi (sugar cane wine), and bibingka, cooked the old way, which makes it sticky compared to the bibingka commonly served now. There’s was also a Lovers Corner, which… doesn’t really give you any privacy whatsoever.

Vigan Day 02 - Bibingka

After that, we decided to try and find Damili Village, where, according to the Vigan tourist brochure, one can “experience the unique art of molding terracotta in different forms literally by hand and foot!” We didn’t get to actually mold the terracotta, but we saw the many forms that the terracotta was, uhh, formed into.

Vigan Day 02 - Damili Village

From there, we finally made our way to the beach! The beach is known under different names: Mindoro Beach (because it’s located in Barangay Mindoro), Airport Beach (because of its proximity to Vigan Airport), and Playa de Oro Beach Resort (the name of the actual resort we went to).

Vigan Day 02 - Playa de Oro Beach Resort

To get to the beach we actually had to cross the runway of Vigan Airport. I guess it would be scary if we actually saw airplanes in the area, but we didn’t. The airport was actually small and grassy, and I’m guessing only small, private planes landed there… I could be wrong, though.

Anyway, the beach was BEAUTIFUL! And best of all, Didang and I were the only ones there! Plus there were very few clouds in the sky, so all that we found at the beach was sky, sea, and sand. We could see the horizon clearly; no pesky boats or errant islands blocking the view.

Vigan Day 02 - Playa de Oro Beach Resort

After paying for a room at the resort house, Didang and I changed into our swimwear, and headed for the beach! There was nobody there, except for a handful of local fishermen. The waves weren’t too high, but they were quite powerful. I enjoyed wading towards them to get hit by them. Didang also enjoyed taking lots of pictures at the beach. We ended up spending three hours under the sun on the beach, almost autistic in the way we barely interacted with each other. It was the most relaxing thing.

Vigan Day 02 - Playa de Oro Beach Resort

On a side note: It was right before hitting the beach that Obama was declared winner of the US elections. The TV at the resort house was tuned in to CNN when we arrived, and the lady manning the place actually asked us, “Na-proclaim na ba si Obama?” He wasn’t yet at the time, but after changing into our swimsuits, the USA had made history. How’s THAT for a “where were you when…” story?

Vigan Day 02 - Playa de Oro Beach Resort

After our afternoon at the beach, the guard of the resort called a tricycle for us, and we headed back to the city proper.

That night, we somehow ended up at Max’s Restaurant for dinner, and we ordered bagnet, which is essentially deep-fried pork, sort of like lechon kawali. Didang and I shared the rather big order of bagnet, because one would be insane to finish all that deep-fried pork by himself.

Vigan Day 02 - Bagnet

After dinner, we decided to do the tourist-y thing, which is take pictures of Calle Crisologo at night. Didang has some amazing pictures of that. We encountered quite a few groups of tourists who were doing the same thing we were doing, so that was fun.

Vigan Day 02 - Calle Crisologo at Night

After more camwhoredom, we headed back to Grandpa’s Inn and called it a night. Coming up on Day Three: Baluarte!

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