Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - Click to View Hi-Res Image

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is currently the railway terminus of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the Malaysian railway company, in Singapore. Located on Keppel Road, this railway station was opened to the public in 1932. The building features four marble reliefs by Rudolfo Nolli, representing Agriculture, Industry, Commerce, and Transport. It also features the initials FMSR, which stands for Federated Malay States Railways. (In case you’ve forgotten, Singapore used to be a part of Malaysia.)

KTM operations will cease at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station on 1 July 2011, and the Singapore terminus will move to Woodlands Checkpoint on that day. The last trains will pull up at Tanjong Pagar on 30 June 2011, and I will be on the last commercial train pulling up into that station. For more information on the railway station and its history, visit the excellent blog The Long and Winding Road.