Salzburg Altstadt - Click Here to View Hi-Res Image

On my last day in Europe, I went to Salzburg, Austria on a lark. It wasn’t part of my plan at all. The previous night, before hopping on a train from Berlin to Munich, I wondered what I should do. After all, I’d seen most of Munich already, and I’d be arriving at roughly 8am, with my flight departing at 9pm. My host suggested going to one of the nearby cities, or perhaps Salzburg. Checking online, I found out that my Germany-Benelux Eurail pass allowed me to travel to Salzburg, so I went.

The Altstadt – or Old Town – of Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it preserved (and continues to preserve) the town’s old buildings. The buildings are mostly in the Medieval and Baroque styles, and it’s quite a nice area to walk around in. This bird’s eye view of the Altstadt (taken from the Hohensalzburg Fortress) shows a good portion of the place, including St. Peter’s Abbey and Salzburger Dom. It also masks the rather extremely touristic nature of the place; almost every other building or stall hosts a souvenir shop. Still, it’s a charming place and well worth the day trip.