Protest Rally at Malioboro Street in Jogjakarta- Click to View Hi-Res Image

In “honor” of this weekend’s redshirt protest rallies in Bangkok is this week’s TravelTuesday Picture of the Week. I went to Jogjakarta in December 2009 for a weekend trip, and this scene greeted me on my first afternoon there. There was some sort of political protest rally on one of Jogjakarta’s main roads, Malioboro Street (which happened to be close to the place I stayed at).

I didn’t know what the protest rally was about – everything was in Bahasa, and I didn’t feel much like asking people on the street what it was about – but I thought it was a nice slice of life in Jogja. The rally itself wasn’t as impressive as some I’ve seen in Manila, or the current one in Bangkok, but it was still quite an interesting sight.

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