Prambanan Under (Re)Construction - Click to View Hi-Res Image

Prambanan is a gorgeous Hindu temple located near Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It’s a massive and impressive complex with many stupas. It certainly holds its own against its more famous neighbor, Borobudur, and deserves a place on any itinerary to Jogja.

Unfortunately, an earthquake in May 2006 caused major damage and knocked down some of the stupas in Prambanan, and what had already been a massive reconstruction and preservation effort has to be done all over again. So when I was there in December 2009, there were many bricks, bits, and pieces ready to be put back together. One stupa was going to be open for visitors the day after my visit; another was still under repair and within some scaffolding. I enjoyed my visit to Prambanan, but I imagine it would be even more impressive once the massive reconstruction project is completed.

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