My Best Travel Photo

(This is my entry in the What’s Your Best Travel Photo? Contest by Click on the photo for the full version.)

I will admit to not being a professional photographer. I barely know my way around my point-and-click, and I only have a rudimentary understanding of the more technical aspects of photography. As far as quality is concerned, my pictures probably pale in comparison to those who use DSLRs, or have more technical know-how. But sometimes, serendipity strikes, and a beautiful photo comes out of nowhere.

My “best” – and by far my favorite – travel photo has to be this picture taken at Playa de Oro Beach Resort in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. My friend Didang and I decided to hit the beach on our second day of our trip to Vigan, and we were greeted by the most amazing sight. The resort was practically deserted, and when we hit the beach, we were just awed and amazed by our surroundings. It was gorgeous. This picture captures everything I loved about that moment. We were surrounded not by the usual crush of people that you find on other, more popular beaches. All we had was the sky, the sea, and the sand. Everything was simply blue and tranquil, and there weren’t even any clouds to ruin our day.

This picture epitomizes how peaceful and quiet our day at the beach was, and how beautiful unspoilt territory can be.

And that is why I consider this to be my best travel photo.