I’ve been negligent in my blogging for the past few months, but I swear I have a very good reason for it.

I’ve moved to Singapore.

It is not a permanent move (my contract to work here is until November 2010, but I’m aiming to renew it for at least one more year), but I did have to pack my bags and relocate, and adjust to my new surroundings.

I am here because of work, and wow, I’m having such a GREAT time working here! I work for Universal Studios Singapore as a performer and I’m having the time of my life here.

I have been here since November 2009, and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ve met lots of new friends, many from work, and even more through CouchSurfing. I’ve spent enough time here to have favorite nightlife spots (ask me about the bridge at Clarke Quay, as well as what free flow is all about) and favorite dishes (as cliche as it is, chicken rice is absolutely awesome). I don’t live at the city centre, but I do live close enough to make it an easy commute for me. Still, the place where I do live in is quite nice; you don’t really need to go far to get the essentials.

I’ve always wanted the experience of working abroad; in fact, it was one of my travel wishes on my birthday last year. Adjusting to a new life in a new country isn’t easy; homesickness is definitely something that strikes every now and then. However, once you start growing roots in a new place – by making new friends, my decorating your room (thank you, IKEA!), by establishing a routine – then homesickness becomes easier to overcome. Relocation doesn’t come without its sacrifices, of course. I’ve had to forego my planned European trip (or at least postpone it for a much later date), and of course I’ve had to leave behind friends and family. Ultimately, though, the move is well worth it. Besides, it’s only temporary… I think.

So how is life on the little red dot? Good so far. I’ve explored more of Singapore than I thought was possible, or even worth it, than before. I’ve made it to places that aren’t necessarily on the tourist trail, and places that only intrepid travelers seek out. (Of course, I’ve also been to the extremely touristy places, but that’s fine; they’re usually touristy for a good reason.) I’ve made many friends here, most of whom are only here for a short time (Singapore attracts a lot of transient expats, mostly exchange students, people on internships, and those on short-term contracts like myself). It is tough to have a revolving door of friends, but with Facebook, Skype, MSN, and all other social networking devices, the world is shrinking and it’s much easier to keep in touch.

I’ve also taken advantage of Singapore being a hub for travel, and I plan to take more trips out of Singapore in the future. I had an opportunity to finally go to Jogjakarta and see Borobudur. Just last week, I made a quick trip to Bangkok. I am now even considering going back to the Philippines as a tourist; maybe that will kick me into gear as far as visiting my local “dream destinations” is concerned.

Four months after moving, I feel more or less settled in, and I promise to make more time to blog and post photos from my trips. So watch this space, or follow me on Twitter (@hyperren) to find out what I’ve been up to.