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TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Giant Lantern (San Fernando, Philippines)

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Giant Lantern (San Fernando, Philippines)

This is an annual festival featuring 20 feet high Christmas lanterns. The Giant Lantern Festival Competition will be held on Saturday, 17 December 2011, 6pm at Robinsons Starmills.

San Fernando, Pampanga: Part Three – Giant Lantern Festival 2008

At last, after several hours of touring as much of San Fernando, Pampanga as we could, it was time to head back to Robinson’s Starmill Pampanga for the Giant Lantern Festival 2008. This would be the 100th year of this annual tradition, and it’s one of those things that you often read about, but is...

San Fernando, Pampanga: Part Two – Heritage Sites and Buildings

After lunch at Everybody’s Cafe, we made our way on foot to A. Consunji Street, which was where a lot of the heritage buildings and houses were located. Since the Vigan trip, I discovered an appreciation of architecture, particularly of times long gone. It’s the most tangible glimpse into the past one can have. Much...

San Fernando, Pampanga: Part One – Food Tripping

Last Saturday, December 20, 2008, my mother, her friend, and I all went to SanFernando, Pampanga to experience the Giant Lantern Festival. To avoid the traffic, and to make sure that we had all the information about the festival that we needed (not to mention parking space), we left Quezon City at approximately 9:30am. We...

Back from San Fernando, Pampanga

I went to the Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando, Pampanga yesterday, December 20, 2008. It was AWESOME! Those lanterns are huge! I believe they’re twice the height of a truck… Yes, that big! And the lights… wow. The degree of difficulty involved in making those things light up is amazing. I’ll come up with...