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TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Golden Garuda at Monas (Jakarta, Indonesia)

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Golden Garuda at Monas (Jakarta, Indonesia)

The Garuda Pancasila is the national emblem of Indonesia and features plenty of symbolism. This Golden Garuda can be found at the Independence Room of the Monas in Jakarta.
TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Masjid Istiqal (Jakarta, Indonesia)

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Masjid Istiqal (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Masjid Istiqal (also known as Istiqal Mosque) is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, it was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands; “Istiqal” is an Arabic word that means “Independence.”

Bali, Hai!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know by now that I’m back in Bali. It was quite a spontaneous decision, and once again, it will be a short trip for me; I arrived here tonight (Wednesday night) and I’m leaving Friday morning. I intend to relax and chill by the beach on my...

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Goa Gajah (Bali, Indonesia)

Goa Gajah is is located near Ubud on the island of Bali in Indonesia. It is also known as the Elephant Cave. Goa Gajah was built in the 9th century, while the cave’s entrance seen in the photo dates back to the 11th century. I hope you enjoyed the first TravelTuesday Picture of the Week...

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week – Prambanan Under (Re)Construction

Prambanan is a gorgeous Hindu temple located near Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It’s a massive and impressive complex with many stupas. It certainly holds its own against its more famous neighbor, Borobudur, and deserves a place on any itinerary to Jogja. Unfortunately, an earthquake in May 2006 caused major damage and knocked down some of the stupas...

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: A Kid on Borobudur

Last December, I went on a quick weekend trip to Jogjakarta, partly to clear my mind of certain things, and partly to fulfill one of my birthday travel wishes, which was to see Borobudur. It was amazing! One of my favorite photos from that trip was one I took of this kid trying to climb...

TravelTuesday Picture of the Week: Protest Rally at Malioboro Street in Jogjakarta

In “honor” of this weekend’s redshirt protest rallies in Bangkok is this week’s TravelTuesday Picture of the Week. I went to Jogjakarta in December 2009 for a weekend trip, and this scene greeted me on my first afternoon there. There was some sort of political protest rally on one of Jogjakarta’s main roads, Malioboro Street...