If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know by now that I’m back in Bali. It was quite a spontaneous decision, and once again, it will be a short trip for me; I arrived here tonight (Wednesday night) and I’m leaving Friday morning. I intend to relax and chill by the beach on my one full day, and possibly do a bit of partying on Thursday night, but otherwise, I have no plans.

I flew in via Singapore Airlines, in a continued attempt to try and earn enough miles to gain a special status on their KrisFlyer program (and subsequently, be a frequent flyer on the Star Alliance). It was a good flight, and quite a contrast to the JetStar flight I previously took. I didn’t have to pay for meals, and there was actually a good selection of on-board entertainment. (Too bad I was ultimately unable to finish “The Social Network”; good thing I’d already watched it before.)

I only had a small backpack and a shoulder bag that had my laptop (and assorted accessories), so getting off the plane, going through immigration (where I didn’t need to procure a visa), and getting to customs were a breeze. No long wait at the luggage carousel for me! However, customs was a repeat of my previous experience at Denpasar airport; upon noticing I had a Philippine passport, I was stopped and my bags were more thoroughly inspected. They didn’t find anything, of course, and soon I was off.

For this trip, I am CouchSurfing, and my host advised me not to take a taxi with the touts waiting at the airport. Seems like a sensible tip; every single one of them seemed to be acting like vultures ready to prey on any piece of meat, set to quote an overinflated amount for a taxi ride. I patiently brushed each one off and headed into the main street, where I flagged down a Blue Bird Taxi, which happily took me to my destination AND turned on the meter.

There’s always something unsettling about arriving in a strange city at night, and even more so in a relatively rural place like Bali. The busy, winding streets were not well-lit, nor were all of them paved, and the taxi (and I) bounced around for approximately thirty minutes. Because it was dark, I was easily disorientated, and there were more than a few times that I thought that the taxi man was going to drive me in a dark ditch, ready to beat me and rob me of my belongings. Clearly, that didn’t happen, and I made it to my host’s place in one piece.

So now I’m here in Canggu, Bali, hosted by a really nice guy. I am also here to visit my friend @timwarnock (we’re staying in the same room, in fact), and as an added surprise, my friend Jarno (who I hosted in Singapore) is being hosted by the same guy as well. No plans at all for tomorrow, and that’s the way I like it.

Photo sourced at BinBin.net.