I woke up on Saturday morning wondering if I made the right decision to stay for just one full day in Kuala Lumpur. On one hand, I’d already seen all the major sights and destinations that I wanted to visit: Petronas Towers (even if I didn’t get to go up on the skybridge), KL Tower, Bukit Bintang, Merdeka Square, Little India, Chinatown, and Jalan Petaling. On the other hand, there were still a lot of things I missed out on. I didn’t get to enter a single museum, for example, though whether or not that was such a big loss is still debatable. I didn’t stay long enough to get the hang of the railway system. I missed out on some quick day trips outside of the city center, like Putrajaya or the Batu Caves. As I started to gather my things, I contemplated staying in Kuala Lumpur just a little bit longer.

I didn’t have a set schedule for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore; all that was set in stone was that I had to be in Singapore by Tuesday morning to catch a plane to Macau. I debated whether or not to spend a little more time at Kuala Lumpur at the expense of time spent in Singapore. Ultimately, I decided that not seeing everything at least gave me some incentive to return to Kuala Lumpur in the future. With that decided, I called up the bus companies to figure out the departure times of their buses to Singapore. You may also check it at: https://www.matthewsbusescommercial.com/. I settled on one that left at around noon.

Knowing this was going to be a transit day, I decided to take it easy that morning. Unlike in London where I was keen on staying in the London hotels, I took very little time to pack my stuff and get rid of things I no longer needed. I just wanted my journey outside my hotel to begin as soon as possible.

Once I was packed and ready, I headed back to Suria KLCC. I was there for three reasons. One, I wanted to grab some breakfast. Two, I wanted to do some window shopping (there was a huge English language bookstore called Kinokuniya) and maybe even buy a few things (I picked up a discount/rewards card that was specially for tourists only). And three, I wanted to check out the Petrosains Discovery Centre to kill some time. To make a long story short, breakfast was uneventful; I didn’t do any shopping but spent a LOT of time at the bookstore; and unfortunately, Petrosains Discovery Centre opened a little too late for me, and the whole tour would put me perilously close to my planned departure time.

With my trip to the mall completed, I headed to the bus station, which was conveniently (more or less) located next to the old railway station. I purchased my tickets, and waited for boarding time.

Arriving early gave me some time to do a bit of sightseeing. The old railway station was a gorgeous piece of architecture. The building was designed by A.B. Hubbock (who also designed the old City Hall building, as well as Masjid Jamek) and built in 1910. It features the Moorish style that Hubbock favored.

After snapping a few photos, it was time to board the bus. I got on the NiCE Express Bus (run by Plusliner), and wow, did that bus live up to its name! It had plush seats with ample legroom, on-board snacks, power points on each seat, on-board entertainment, and they even offered a pillow and a blanket. Traveling by plane may be faster, but when the ride is this nice – not to mention cheaper – then taking the bus isn’t such a bad option.

After a 4- to 5-hour bus ride, I finally arrived in Singapore. Unfortunately, the bus stopped nowhere near anything recognizable; it stopped at a hotel which wasn’t even close to the nearest MRT station. I had zero Singapore dollars, too. I was unable to change money when I got off the bus, as the hotel only offered that service to hotel guests. To make matters worse, it began to rain.

Armed with only a map, I trudged forth in search of either a bank, a money changer, or an MRT station. Eventually, I found the latter, which had an ATM machine. I withdrew some cash, then boarded the train towards Little India, which was where my hostel was.

I stayed at The InnCrowd Hostel which was right at the heart of Little India on Dunlop St. It was a nice place, definitely one that I would recommend. I got some tourist information, did a little research on what I ought to do in Singapore, then slept on my dorm bunk bed, trying to regain strength after a long day of travel.